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Posted on : 2022-04-15 05:55:49
Parandur, Pannur, Tiruporur and Padalam are the four new potential sites that the State government has identified for the second airport for the city, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has said. While responding to a question in the Lok Sabha, Minister for Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya M. Scindia said: “The Government of India has formulated the greenfield policy for construction of greenfield airport, for which the State government/airport operator has to identify site(s) and get the feasibility study conducted for construction of airport. The application is then sent to the Ministry of Civil Aviation in the prescribed format for site clearance and in-principle approval by the steering committee.” Tiruporur is the closest of the four locations in the city with a distance of 44 km, while Padalam is the farthest located at around 78 km. Pannur is 54 km away from Chennai and the distance between the state capital and Parandur is 69 km.
Tips for Buying new house
Posted on : 2020-09-18 12:31:21
When you get into a home with no payments (besides the mortgage) and have a nice big emergency fund, you’ll have the cash to pay for huge expenses that suddenly come your way. You’ll be able to love the life you’ve set up for yourself because stress and worry won’t be part of the equation! Now, once you’re debt-free, I want you to stay debt-free. So, as you’re shopping for your first home and getting excited about decorating and filling it with new furniture, be mindful of your budget. The spender in me knows that’s easier said than done. When my husband, Winston, and I moved into our first home, I had so many visions for what our home could look like! It was hard for me to accept the fact that I could only decorate one room at a time. But I knew our future money goals were more important than me spending all our savings at the furniture and home stores.
Choosing right interior paint color
Posted on : 2020-09-18 12:33:15
The easiest way to choose the best interior paint colors is to start with the colors you love. When you start with the colors you love, you are not bound by the traditional color schemes for a particular decorating style. Using your favorite color as your base color, you can use it to create a color scheme around it. Your favorite colors can be the perfect inspiration for your new color palette for the whole room.
Buy Property in Chennai
Posted on : 2021-07-08 22:23:48
Chennai is one of the biggest cultural and economic centres in South India. Currently, it is becoming famous for real estate properties, plots, apartments & villas. Deciding to buy property in Chennai is one of the best decisions you could ever make for return on investment, tax benefits, and comfort are just a few of the several reasons. For the past few years, the modern city, Chennai has shown great development in the social, economic and education sectors. Investing in real estate properties has become trending in Chennai as the city is growing at an exponential rate Return on Investment Investing in a property is a lifetime asset especially in Chennai, from Residential to Commercial, the city has developed in every aspect and it will keep improving. Today, if you buy a Property in Chennai at a convenient cost, the value will appreciate and this metropolitan city can yield rental returns for your property while your property cost appreciates. Education and Employment Chennai